China's Space Station could fall on Earth within 24 hours, this city is at risk

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China's Space Station could fall on Earth within 24 hours, this city is at risk

China tiangong 1 spacecraft

Beijing: The arbitrary space lab will become a sphere of astronomical fire when it reaches the Earth's atmosphere in the next 24 hours, which is expected to fall anywhere from Australia to the US. Chinese officials today gave information about this. China's Space Authority said today that its speed before the disruption is more than 26,000 kilometers per hour. The Chinese Space Center said in a statement that the possibility of entering the Earth's atmosphere in the uncontrolled manner of Tiangong 1 is similar to the estimates of the European Space Agency. Chinese officials had earlier said that there is no possibility of any loss due to falling of this under eight tonnes aircraft. When it is scattered at very fast speed, it will turn into a bright fire ball that looks like a meteorite.
ESA said, "It will enter the Earth's atmosphere at very fast speed and debris from the discrete laboratory can fall anywhere between New Zealand to the American Midwest. Earlier, the China Mind Space Engineering Office said on their social media account V chat, "People do not need to worry." It said, "This spacecraft will not hit Earth, as in science fiction movies is shown, but this bright matter will be transformed into almost meteoroid and in the order of coming towards the Earth, it rotates like a broken star in the entire sky and everyone can able to see it.''

Tiangong 1- "Heavenly Palace" was set up in the room in September 2011, which was a very important step towards establishing China's own one. For this situation, people are criticizing the Chinese government on social media.

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