Increased difficulties for immigrants living in the US, know what Trump said

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Increased difficulties for immigrants living in the US!

US President Donald Trump

American President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that there will be no talks for the help of 'Dreamer' migrants. He threatened Mexico that if he did not stop people from entering the United States, then the United States would end an independent trade agreement with Mexico.
Trump tweeted before giving his greetings to Easter to his supporters, "DACA or Dreamer (Deafard Action for Childhood Arrival) is no more on the deal." Later in the conversation with reporters before going to church, Trump said that Mexico has to help the US in boundaries. Many people are coming to America because they want to take advantage of DACA.

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It is known that former President Barack Obama had initiated the DACA program to bring thousands of immigrants who were brought to America at the age children and to be protected from exile. Trump had finished this program last year.

What is Dreamer Policy?

In 2012, Dreamer was a government program that began in the former US President Barack Obama's tenure. Under this, children who illegally come to America were given the right to live, read, and work. This policy does not make any changes in the legal status of immigrants but they save them from exile. Dreamer submits an application under their criminal records and verification of other things is done. Passed in, they get permission for a driving license, a college admission, work permit. At the same time, those who are unable to get back are sent back
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