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What is Easter Sunday? Why Easter Sunday is celebrated?

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What is Easter Sunday? 

Why is Easter Sunday celebrated? What is the significance of Easter Sunday? India is a nation of festivals.

Easter sunday image

Many people in the nation who celebrate Easter Sunday, do not know the significance of thi festival. Let us tell you through this articles that why Easter is put before Sunday.

Ramnavmi 2018: Importance of Ramnavmi

According to the beliefs of Christianity, it is said that the word Easter is made up of 'Aristas'. According to Christian religious teachers, it is said that Christian churches are celebrating Easter Sunday as the most holy day. But with this, the number of days before Easter, including Good Friday coming from the fourth century, is said to be holy.

For your information, let us tell you that there are many different-different traditions in all the churches are done before the Easter Sunday. Along with this a program is also done in the night. During this, peoples revealed all their love and faith by burning countless candles at the feet of Jesus. From here the tradition of decorated candles in churches are divided into friends and relatives are come. Easter is a happy day, which is also known as Khajur Itvar.
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These 3 bad habits can make men impotent, the second habit is done daily by men

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These 3 bad habits can make men impotent, the second habit is done daily by men

reasons of men impotence

Nowadays impotence has become very much spreaded because of this modern machines era. Now a days, people's cannot live a moment even without a machine or a gadget. And even nowadays people do not even have time for a moment. Today we are going to tell you some such major reason by which man becomes impotent. May be you could leave this job.

Alcohol and Smoke:

Alcohol and smokings are the major cause of men impotence.
Since this is the age of Modern era, almost every human like to drink alcohol and smoke but they dont know the causes of alcohols. So, it is better for mens to leave this bad habit.

Taking less sleep:

If you take too little sleep due to work load, then you may have to suffer from impotence. According to a research an adult man should take at least 8 hours of sleep in one night. So, dont ever forget to complete your sleep.

Fast or junk food intake:

People use fast food for a variety of reasons. Some people have a shortage of time, whereas some people consume fast or junk food for taste but do you know that this can prove to be fatal for you.

Please give your opinion for this post.

5 ways to reduce white hair naturally
        Watch till the end........

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Ramnavmi 2018: Importance of Ramnavmi

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Ramnavmi 2018: Importance of Ramnavmi

Importance of ramnavmi 2018

Ramnavmi is a very religious and traditional Hindu festival. Hindu's celebrate this festival with great joy in all over India. This festival is celebrated in the happiness of the birthday of Shriram, son of King Dasharath and Queen Kaushalya of Ayodhya. On the ninth date of 'Chaitra Shukla' month, Lord Rama was born from the womb of Kaushalya. This day is celebrated as a virtuous festival. On this day virtue is earned by virtue of bathing in the Saryu river. Let's know about the importance of Ramnavmi.

Ramnavmi is worshiped in nine forms of Mother Durga. Many people break their fast on the eighth day after feeding the mother Durga for seven days and also after feeding young girls. At the same time many people break fast on the ninth day after fasting for eight days. People also feed the Brahmin's on Ramnavmi. On the ninth day it is called Ramnavmi.

On this auspicious day, devotees celebrate Ramnavmi and bath in holy rivers and become partners of virtue. Festival Ramnavmi has been very important in the Hindu religion. With this festival, the Navaratri of Mother Durga also ends. Hinduism is worshiped on the day of Ramnvmi. Before worshiping Ramnavmi, water, roli and coat of pure ayurved are putted on the sculpture of Lord Rama, after which the grains of rice is putted on the sculpture of Lord Rama. Aarti is done after doing worship.

The worship of Ramnavmi festival begins with the first time raising water to Sun God. It is said that the Sun God is the ancestor of Lord Shriram. They are worshiped so that peoples get the blessings of supreme power.

Ramnavami is celebrated with great fanfare in Ayodhya. millions of peoples arrive at this fair from every corner of the country. On the day of Ramnavmi, millions of peoples from the country and abroad are coming to Ayodhya fof bathing in the morning on the banks of the river Saryu in Ayodhya.
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Ramnavmi 2018: Know the shubh muhurat and puja vidhi

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Ramnavmi 2018: Know the shubh muhurat and puja vidhi. Ramnavmi special:

2018 ramnavmi pic lord rama

The festival of Ramnavmi is a very important festival of Hindu religion. Ramnavmi is connected with Navratri in which Goddess Durga is worshiped. It is said that Lord Shri Rama worshiped Goddess Durga to win victory in the Crusades. Lord Rama received immense power from Goddess Durga. According to mythological texts, Lord Vishnu himself take birth as Lord Rama. This is why Ramnavmi is celebrated with great joy throughout the country. This time it will be celebrated on 25th March 2018.

Let us know the shubh muhurat time and puja vidhi:

Shubh Muhurat:

•Ramnavmi Puja Muhurat: From 11:14:04 AM to 13:41:03 PM

•Duration: 2 hours 26 minutes

•Ramnavmi meridian time: 12:27:33

•Navmi start date: March 25, 2018 at 8:00 pm
•Navmi end date = March 26, 2018 05:54

Puja Vidhi:

First take a morning bath then make a ritual of Lord Rama in Ramdarbar by carpeting red cloth. After this, put flowers to Lord Rama feet. After this,  put the Tulsi Dal and Lotus Flowers in Lord Rama sculpture. Give kheer in the form of prasad. Then apologize for any wrong doing in worship. After the worship of Lord Rama, feed the Brahmin's and give them clothes and send them out.
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Instead of throwing orange peels, use it like this

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Instead of throwing orange peels, use it like this....

Always we eat oranges and throw orange peels as waste. We would like to tell you that as well as orange is beneficial for our health and skin, its peel is also very much beneficial for our health and skin. In this article, we will tell you how to use orange peels in a unique way, knowing which you will get surprised.

Orange peels

Orange peels is extremely beneficial for skin:

In orange peel, there are such medicinal properties which can remove face acne, scars and swabs etc. and making the face and skin glowing and shiny. It also helps in tightening the skin of the face. For this, grind fresh orange peels and apply it on the skin and wash with cold water a little later. If you want, you can rub the fingernails with orange peels skin and make them looking shiny.

To freshen room:

While cooking, many types of smell spread in the kitchen. Boil the orange peel in water to remove it. At the same time, mix the cinnamon slice and cardamom seeds in it. This will spread a fresh fragrance in the kitchen. The orange peel can also be used as a room freshener in the rest of the house. For this, burn dry orange peels in the room. This will freshen the room. In addition, insects and mosquitoes will also run away from the room.

Video: 3 steps to clean dark neck at home

Removing hair dandruff:

We can also use orange peel to remove hair dandruff. It works like a natural conditioner. For this, mix the freshly made orange peel with water and leave it for the night. Then put it in the hair while bathing the next day and massage for a while. After this, wash the hair well. You can also apply a mild shampoo later. It will shine in hair.

Video: How to remove pimples naturally
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Those who feel ashamed to fart in public place must read this article.

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fart in public place

In today's life, there is no serious concern about eating and drinking. Many people's are more interested in eating outdoor foods, which causes many diseases. So, it is common for the fart to be made. 95% of people's feel embarrassed in the crowd or in the footsteps of the people to release gas from the stomach in front of people. Therefore, people do not leave the gas from the stomach for hours due to shame, which is not good for human body.

The gas that comes from the body of a human consists normally of 58% nitrogen, 22% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane, 4% oxygen and only 1% sulfur gas. After releasing the gas, digestion is becomes fine.

Normally human body does not digest food due to lactose or glucose intravenous ness, due to which the gas is formed in the stomach and it starts moving out. Many people stop it, thus that they face many kinds of diseases.

Withholding the gas in the stomach causes humans to feel like a cologne balloon. Stopping the gas for a long time, can cause swelling of stomach intestine. In such cases, those people who already have intestinal problems should not stop the gas.
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Health benefits of drinking beer, 9 reasons why you should drink it!

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Benefits of beer

Everyone likes beer party in the world. Also, many diseases can be overcome by beer, but even today, some people are unaware of the benefits of drinking beer. So, today we are going to talk about some of the benefits related to beer, so come let's know.

Benefits of drinking beer

Benefits of drinking beer:

1- Friends, according to researchers drink beer three times a week can get rid of arthritis.

2- By constantly drinking beer you can increase your weight fast because beer contains a large number of calories.

3- Friends, drinking one glass of beer daily can keep your heart healthy.

4- Drinking a limited amount of beer can cause your blood circulation to function properly.

5- A tremendous advantage of drinking beer is that stone can be removed from the root.

6- Beer is very beneficial for those who eat meat because drinking beer and meat together can make the body stronger.

7- Beer activates the dopamine found in our brain. That is why we find happiness.

8- Friends, sometimes drinking beer can prevent Alzheimer's disease like diabetes.

9- A research done in Portugal showed that drinking beer could prevent cancer.
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Sharad Purnima: importance, date, method of worship and precautions

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Sharad Purnima: importance, date, method of worship and precautions

The very best date is Sharad Purnima. It is also celebrated as the Kojagari fast. It is said that these days are so auspicious and positive that big problems are overcome by small measures.
According to mythological beliefs, mother Lakshmi was born on the same day. Therefore, it is considered to be the best time to get money.
On this day, different boards are received from the worship of Lord Vishnu Krishna, Goddess of wealth, mother Lakshmi and Moon worship with sixteen arts.
The importance of Sharad Purnima
- Sharad Purnima is a very important date, the date of autumn starts from this date.
- On this day, the moon is filled with complete and sixteen arts.
- On this day there is a rain of nectar from the moon which gives wealth, love and health three.
Due to being full of love and art, Shri Krishna created Maharaja on this day.
- Exercise, special love, abundant love and lots of money can be found on this day.
- But experiments require some precautions and rules to follow. This time Sharad Purnima will be on October 05
If you are doing any major work on Sharad Purnima, then it is important to know about the rules and precautions of this date first.
Sharad Purnima fast law
- In the morning of the full moon, devotion should be worshiped.
- By worshiping Indra and Mahalaxmi ji, the lamps of ghee should be worshiped by its lust and flowers etc.
- Brahmins should have a meal of kheer and they should provide charity Dakshina.
- This fast is done specially for achieving Lakshmi. On this day, the wealth of people awakening increases.
- Only after eating the moon at night should eat food.
- There is a rule of law to donate kheer in the temple. It is believed that on this day, the moon emanates from the moonlight.
Precautions of Sharad Purnima
- Try to keep fast on this day by taking full water and fruits.
Even if you do not fast, then on this day, you should only eat sattvic food.
By staying pure and empty of the body, you will be able to achieve nectar in a much better way.
- Do not use black color on this day, it will be better to wear bright white clothes.
If you want to get full auspicious results of Sharad Purnima, then keep these rules above in mind.
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Know the story of Sharad Purnima

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Know the  story of Sharad Purnima

The story of Sharad Purnima is a celebration of Ashwani Mass's full moon:

A moneylender had two daughters. Both daughters were fasts of the full moon, but the eldest daughter was only the younger daughter incomplete vow methodically used to fulfill a vow. As a result, the son of a younger son of a moneylender died as soon as it was born. When he asked the reason for the death of his children from the pundits, he told that in the first time you used to do full moon in full moon. Due to which all your children die as soon as they arise.
Then the younger daughter asked the pundits its remedy, they said that if you practically fast Sharad Purnima, then your children can survive.
The little girl of the moneylender devised the full moon fast on the advice of those pundits. Consequently, he received the son's gem, but he soon received death. Then the younger daughter laid the boy on the edge and covered the cloth. Then he called his elder sister and brought him the same generation to sit. When the older sister began to sit on the generation, her skirt touched that dead child, the child started crying as she touched the waistline. Big sister quote- You wanted to blame me. This child of yours will die if I sit Then the younger sister quote- You do not know sister, it was already dead. Only through your fate has you been alive again. It has survived only through your virtue. After this incident, in the city, he defeated Sharad Purnima fasting fast.
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Sharad Purnima is potent, best and full of divine powers

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Sharad Purnima is potent, best and full of divine powers

In the moonlight night, between 10 and midnight 12 o'clock, the person who wanders in low clothing receives energy. Due to the triangle of Sankrachak, Nakshatriya Chakra and Ashwin, there is a collection of energy from autumn and there is austerity in the spring.
From Dussehra until the Sharad Purnima, the moon's moonlight is a specially curative, superior ray and pharmacological. It is said that the commander Ravana used to take the rays on the navel through the mirror on the night of Sharad Purnima. Through this process, he got reinforced power
During this, it has been made to make Kheer and keep it under the open sky. It is believed that the moon's nectar comes in Kheer. It is spiritual matter but it also has a scientific aspect.
That is why the sage-monks decided to keep Kheer under the open sky and eat the next day at Sharad Purnima's night. This tradition is based on science.

How much profit is this night

Everyone should try to stay in front of the Moon at Sharad Purnima's night for at least 30 minutes. The time from 10 am to 12 pm is very useful. On the night of Sharad Purnima, asthma comes as a boon for patients. In this night, the divine medicine is mixed with Kheer and kept in the moonlit night and ate at 4 o'clock. The patient has to wake up in the night and after 2-3 minutes of drinking, it is useful to walk
According to a study, milk has lactic acid and nectar element. This element exploits power in excessive amounts of rays. This process becomes easier due to the starch in rice.
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These measures of Lakshmi Mata by Sharad Purnima on the day

Purnima, which falls on the Ashwin month, is celebrated as the festival of Sharad Purnima. This time the Sharad Purnima Parva is happening on the 5th of October, Thursday. Our Dharmadhastro has been told that on this day there is a rainy moon from the Moon. It is believed that on this day Mother Lakshmi travels around the earth and fulfills the wishes of the devotees. Today, we are going to tell you about some of the measures this day will do, which does not delay fading luck,

1- To get wealth benefits, on the day of Sharad Purnima, feed the kheer with milk made to the girls, and wash some of the rice in milk and flush it in some running water.
2- On this day mix some curd with ghee and donate it to any Lakshmi Mata's temple, doing so will remove all the problems of your life.
3- If you want to get promotion in your job, donate milk and rice on this day, by doing this you will get promotion in your job very soon, besides donating milk and rice you will also get the benefit of the money.
4- To maintain the happiness and peace of your home, donate milk and jaggery in the temple of Lakshmi Mata on this day,
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Decorate your Home this Diwali with Creativity Ideas

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Along with India, it is celebrated in many places outside the country as well. This is called the light queue or the festival of light. It also fills in our life. By the way, there is a big craze of decoration on Diwali. If you like it, then you too can do this Diwali .....

You can buy the soil plane from the market and wipe it clean and clean it. Now you can create these designs with the help of your favorite oil paints or fabric paint. Apart from this, it will also help you in saving your money.

These candles are found in beautiful designs with many colors in the market, along with some special scent candles which burns the surrounding atmosphere aroma.

Apart from this, a layer of oil is prepared on it by filling the water in a beautiful character. Because of oil being light with water, it fills up on the upper surface of the water and now you can make Rangoli on Dal of your favorite colors.

Instead of throwing colored bottles, it can be used artisticly. Cut down the bottom portion of these bottles and burn it by filling the lid of LED light. Keep them in a queue and burn them after the evening. It looks very beautiful to see.

If you like creativity and you have a little patience then spending a little time can make you some decorative at home. You can use the paper shown in the photo to do at home. Other such applications are also easily available. You can also make a pylon made from this paper after following in step by step by following the picture.
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How to get out of the friends zone.

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To exit the friend zone you must first accept that you are inside, the second is to assume that your sweet friend knows you're smitten for her, assuming these positions you will be more objective when creating your escape plan, the third is to assume the following seduction techniques.

1. Show her she's not the only one.

If you're in the friend zone stop doing stupid things you used to do for her, begin to separate suddenly, if before you used to accompany her to change the last purse she purchased, start from today not being available, that she understands that you have other friends, tell her sometimes that today you can not go out with her because you have a plan with mary, just say that and nothing more. Let her think and wonder, who is mary Or what are you going to do together. If she asks, don't give too many details is it a girl he met remember not to give her explanations, if you want to leave the friend zone you must remember that she is not your girlfriend, she's just your friend. If you are not a social man try to be with other girls and begin to frequent some groups or other women in particular, so she sees with her own eyes that you are comfortable with other girls.

2. Stop spending time with her.

If before you used to spend 24 hours at her side, stop doing so if you actually want her so badly, have the balls to leave her company. When you disappear from her life overnight, she'll notice and start thinking in all the good moments you had together, very possibly even begin to think of you as a man and not as her personal affectionate servant. Scarcity has great value therefore when you disappear from her life, she begins to value you and think of you.

3. Do not declare your intentions.

If you think that to flee the friend zone is just enough to tell her you like her or you're in love, that will be of no use because she has long realized your feelings, if she has placed you in the friend zone she will tell you the same she's said to all her faithful admirers, i.e. I love you, but only as a good friend. If you do you do it, you will probably sink more and possibly abandon altogether the idea of conquering your best friend.

4. A date.

You will not need dating or dinners, lunches or couple gifts for her to begin to see you as a potential romance, you can even develop the steps in this guide to get out of the friend zone in the time that you're together, either watching TV, in the park or eating ice cream.

5. Treat her like your girlfriend.

When one is in the friend zone is normal that you treat her as if she were your girlfriend, but taking all the negative, that is, being her taxi driver, listening to her troubles, accompany her shopping and others. To leave this area, now you must treat her as your girlfriend, but not in the above sense, do it trying to take the positives of this alleged relationship. That is, starting a sexual behavior as her boyfriend would. I do not mean to take her by the hair into the garden, I mean you start touching her in a sexual way as if it were a normal game among you, you must do it naturally without noticing your potential nerves and above all do not think you're doing something wrong or dirty.
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If you do not have pads in the days of Period, then do this

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Periods problem picture

It is so often that your periods have come before time and you have nothing to stop that flow. You can ask for your pad by your friends, but if you do not have a friend around you then? Do not panic, we are telling you some kind of jugaad that you can take in the trouble watch.


There is a handkerchief in your bag, then what about tension? Just fold and use it at the place of pad.

Periods problem picture

Toilet Roll!

Toilet paper is kept out in every toilet, then just fold it and put it in pants, and be anxious for some time.


If the period of period is very high and toilet paper does not work then use socks instead of sanitary napkins. Put it in panties by wrapping it in toilet paper.

Periods problem solution


Hey, at home and sanitary napkins is over, I have to go out what to do? For that time you can use the wash cloth.

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To avoid cigarettes and tobacco addiction do these measures ....!

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No smoking
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that a cigarette takes 11 minutes of life and a pack of cigarettes takes 3 hours and 40 minutes. 50% of young boys and girls who smoke at an early age are caused by tobacco related illness as compared to the normal person, the life of a smoker reduces from 22 to 26 percent.
On the occasion of World Tobacco Dispute Day, some general prescriptions have been suggested for the release of habit of cigarettes and other tobacco products in the public campaign run by the health organization today. According to them, it is very important to make a decision in mind in order to adopt and leave any thing. If cigarette habit does not leave, then try to reduce it gradually. First leave a cigarette one day, then two days and then gradually come to a cigarette in the week. Collaborate with your close friends and family members in this. Whenever you feel like drinking cigarettes, talk to them so that they can distribute your attention in something else. If your friend insists on smoking cigarettes then tell them that you will not be able to smoke cigarettes.
The organization has said that it is important to get rid of tobacco products that people do not have cigarettes or tobacco products with them. While leaving tobacco habit, headache, cough, weight gain, insomnia can be difficult, and in order to avoid them, lifestyle changes have to be made. For this, physical exercise, nutritious delivery, adequate water and meditation will have to be made part of everyday life.
According to the WHO, the effect of trying these remedies will soon be visible on health. Within 20 minutes of leaving the cigarette, blood pressure and heart beat will become normal. In just 12 hours, the level of carbon monoxide in the blood will come down to normal level. In two to 12 weeks blood flow will become normal and work properly with the lungs. Coughing and respiratory problems will be removed within one to nine months. Within five years, risk of heart attack, lung stiffness and other parts of the body will reduce the risk of cancer by 50 percent. When these things happen, life expectancy will naturally increase. Therefore, the number of cigarettes or other tobacco products will be left as soon as possible.

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