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NASA's Hubble Space Telescope discovered the farthest located star

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NASA's Hubble Space Telescope discovered the farthest located star

NASA Hubble Space Telescope discovered icarus

NASA has discovered the farthest located star by its Hubble Space Telescope. This vast blue star in the middle of the universe is named Icarus. This star is so far away that its light took nine billion years to reach the Earth. This star will appear very blurred even from the world's largest telescope.

However, there is a process called gravitational lensing that accelerates the faint glow of the stars, in which astronomers can see the distant star. Patrick Kelly, who led this research at the University of California in Berkeley, said, "This is the first time that we have seen a huge and unique star of its kind. "Kelly said," You can see many galaxies there, but this star is located at least 100 times far from that star, which we can study. ''

China's Space Station could fall on Earth within 24 hours, this city is at risk

NASA has installed new and modern equipment on the International Space Station (ISS) to find out the amount of light energy emanating from the Sun in our solar system. NASA says that the Total and Spectral Solar Irradiation Sensor (TSIS-1), which is installed in the ISS, is fully functioning and is collecting data. TSIS-1 project scientist Dong Woo in NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center says TSIS-1 will collect detailed data that will give us the effect of the effects of the sun on the Earth's radiation, the ozone layer, environmental cycles, ecosystems and the Earth's system and climate change. Woo said that the data from its sensor will help us better understand the primary source of energy to the Earth and give such information which will improve the models studying Earth's climate. This device was dispatched from the Space Center in Cape Canaveral Air Florida on December 15, 2017, from Space X Falcon 9 Rocket.

According to NASA's news on March 8, scientists from around the world are trying to reach the remote space. Human steps have reached the moon. Now there is a plan to set up a human habitation. Along with this, preparations are on to bring humans to Mars. In the midst of this, American space agency NASA is considering such a possibility for people, through which people can send their names to the sun. It would be possible through a space research vehicle called Parker Solar probe. NASA is working on the plan to launch vehicle this year.
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Increased difficulties for immigrants living in the US, know what Trump said

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Increased difficulties for immigrants living in the US!

US President Donald Trump

American President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that there will be no talks for the help of 'Dreamer' migrants. He threatened Mexico that if he did not stop people from entering the United States, then the United States would end an independent trade agreement with Mexico.
Trump tweeted before giving his greetings to Easter to his supporters, "DACA or Dreamer (Deafard Action for Childhood Arrival) is no more on the deal." Later in the conversation with reporters before going to church, Trump said that Mexico has to help the US in boundaries. Many people are coming to America because they want to take advantage of DACA.

Australian cricket becomes "the laughing stock of world sport": Gilchrist

It is known that former President Barack Obama had initiated the DACA program to bring thousands of immigrants who were brought to America at the age children and to be protected from exile. Trump had finished this program last year.

What is Dreamer Policy?

In 2012, Dreamer was a government program that began in the former US President Barack Obama's tenure. Under this, children who illegally come to America were given the right to live, read, and work. This policy does not make any changes in the legal status of immigrants but they save them from exile. Dreamer submits an application under their criminal records and verification of other things is done. Passed in, they get permission for a driving license, a college admission, work permit. At the same time, those who are unable to get back are sent back
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Bharat Bandh: A violent clash between the Karni Sena and protesters, many injured!

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Bharat Bandh: A violent clash between the Karni Sena and protesters, many injured!

bharat bandh sc st protest rajasthan
The Dalit community has called for a Bharat Bandh call on Monday to make changes in the SC/ST Act by the Supreme Court. The protest of the Dalits is taking violent form. There are reports of violent clashes from many places. Dalit protesters are agitating throughout the country, including Rajasthan.
In Rajasthan, protests have become violent in some places. In Barmer Rajasthan, the people of Karni Sena opposed the protest of the Dalits. There was a clash between the two sides regarding this. Police used the tear gas shells and lathi charging to disperse the people from both sides to control the crowd.
However, after a while, the people of both parties came face to face again. The stone throwing started again. The police again lathi charged and dispersed the people of both sides. About one dozen people have been injured in this violent protest.
The situation in Barmer remained strained. Police have made eye sight in the entire area. The injured has been admitted to the hospital where they are being treated. Apart from this, there is news of a violent clash with many parts of the country.
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Government made a big decision due to protests against the change in the SC/ST Act

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Protest against change in the SC/ST Act

Change in sc and st act protest 2018

Today, India has been shut down by Dalit organizations, according to the news coming from UP, Bihar, Odisha, Punjab and Rajasthan and many other states of the country, the Dalit community is protesting on the streets. Trains have been stopped in many places as well as the highway has also been jammed.

The Central Government has announced that the Center will file a petition for re-thinking on this decision in the Supreme Court today.

Against the new guidelines issued in the SC/ST Act, protest against Dalit organizations is continuing. Shortly before, the Supreme Court had issued new guidelines in the SC/ST act, since then the Supreme Court's decision is being opposed.
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China's Space Station could fall on Earth within 24 hours, this city is at risk

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China's Space Station could fall on Earth within 24 hours, this city is at risk

China tiangong 1 spacecraft

Beijing: The arbitrary space lab will become a sphere of astronomical fire when it reaches the Earth's atmosphere in the next 24 hours, which is expected to fall anywhere from Australia to the US. Chinese officials today gave information about this. China's Space Authority said today that its speed before the disruption is more than 26,000 kilometers per hour. The Chinese Space Center said in a statement that the possibility of entering the Earth's atmosphere in the uncontrolled manner of Tiangong 1 is similar to the estimates of the European Space Agency. Chinese officials had earlier said that there is no possibility of any loss due to falling of this under eight tonnes aircraft. When it is scattered at very fast speed, it will turn into a bright fire ball that looks like a meteorite.
ESA said, "It will enter the Earth's atmosphere at very fast speed and debris from the discrete laboratory can fall anywhere between New Zealand to the American Midwest. Earlier, the China Mind Space Engineering Office said on their social media account V chat, "People do not need to worry." It said, "This spacecraft will not hit Earth, as in science fiction movies is shown, but this bright matter will be transformed into almost meteoroid and in the order of coming towards the Earth, it rotates like a broken star in the entire sky and everyone can able to see it.''

Tiangong 1- "Heavenly Palace" was set up in the room in September 2011, which was a very important step towards establishing China's own one. For this situation, people are criticizing the Chinese government on social media.

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Big News: The co-founder of Whatsapp said to delete facebook, know the complete case

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Big News: The co-founder of Whatsapp said to delete facebook, know the complete case....

Whatsapp co founder Bryan Ecton has also joined the #deletefacebook campaign and he has asked users to delete Facebook.

co founder of facebook and whatsapp mark and bryan

There has now been another shock to Facebook that has been criticised from all over the world, since the disclosure of Cambridge Analytica Company. Whatsapp co-founder Bryan Ecton has also joined the #deletefacebook campaign and he has asked users to delete Facebook.
He tweeted that it is time to delete Facebook. Whatsapp is a Facebook owned company. Bryan Ecton resigned from the company last year.

Whatsapp was created in 2009 and it was bought by Facebook in the year 2014. Now Facebook is accused of not securing the security of its users' data.

Know the complete case :

UK's Channel 4 has done a sting operation of big officials of the Cambridge Analytica company. The Cambridge Analytica company runs campaigns on social media for political parties around the world. It is revealed in the sting operation that it uses all the wrong handcuffs to win its political party.

The sting operation reveals that using the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Cambridge Analytica Company uses a special political party that is their client to benefit them. It is alleged that Cambridge Analytica benefited the Political Republican party of Trump in the presidential election held in 2016.

What are the charges against Cambridge Analytica Company :

The Cambridge Analytica Company is accused of running an app on Facebook to steal data of about 50 million people. This data was used in 2016 to win the President of the United States i.e; Donald Trump.

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Rajya Sabha Election: Know who is the richest candidate?

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Rajya Sabha Election: Know who is the richest candidate?

2018 rajya sabha richest candidate

Elections for 58 seats for the Rajya Sabha will be held on March 23. 64 candidates have filed nominations for this. Interesting figures have emerged from the details of property of 63 out of 64 candidates. According to their affidavits of these candidates, out of 63, about 87 percent of the candidates are crorepatis. According to the Financial Express, the property of only one candidate Dhiraj Kumar Sahu (Congress) could not be ascertained because his affidavit had not been cleared clean. Sahu has presented his candidature for the Rajya Sabha in Jharkhand.

BJP's situation:

The biggest BJP candidates in the big parties are millionaires. Of the 29 BJP candidates, 26 have property worth crores.

Congress candidates:

Out of 11 Congress candidates, 10 are crorepatis. There are 3 million out of 4 All India Trinamool Congress candidates. The three candidates of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti are millionaires. Both the JDU candidates, the SP's only candidate is also a millionaire.
The average assets of the candidates of Rajya Sabha are 122.13 crores. The most interesting thing is that most property has been disclosed by Mahendra Prasad, the Rajya Sabha candidate from Bihar. Their total assets are Rs. 4078.40 crores. Jaya Bachchan is number one after Prasad. Jaya Bachchan has filed nomination on behalf of the Samajwadi Party. Congress's Abhishek Manu Singhvi is third in the list.

Top 5 State Detail of Assets of All Candidates:

Mahendra Prasad:
Party JDU
Movable assets 40,43,48,19,318 rupees
Real estate 34,92,41,00 rupees
Total property 40,78,40,60,318 rupees
State bihar

Jaya Bachan:
Party Samajwadi Party
Movable assets Rs 4,62,80,25,000
Real estate 5,38,83,66,566 rupees
Total asset Rs 10,01,63,91,566
State UP

BM Farooq:
Party Jedi (S)
Movable assets 6,69,91,78,931
Real estate 96,91,37,053 rupees
Total property Rs. 7,66,83,15,984
State karnataka

Abhishek Manu Singhvi:
Party congress
Movable assets 84,47,00,100 rupees
Real estate 5,65,33,99,794 rupees
Total property 6,49,80,99,894
State west bengal

CM Ramesh:
Party tdp
Movable assets 2,18,11,00,386
Real estate 40,09,37,213 rupees
Total property Rs 2,58,20,37,599
State Andhra Pradesh
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A big decision of Yogi on the reservation in UP, now they will get benefits

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A big decision og Yogi Adityanath on the reservation in UP, now they will get benefits....

Yogi adityanath in assembly

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its leaders have always been avoiding reservations, but in Uttar Pradesh the BJP Chief Minister has taken a big decision regarding reservations. CM Yogi has declared the reservation for the most backward and extreme Dalits while playing a bigger political bet. Addressing the budget session in the UP Assembly today, he said that the government is also making a committee for this.

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It is clear from this that Yogi Adityanath has made preparations to break the BSP vote bank by this move.
Significantly, Yogi Adityanath, who took bold decisions since assuming the post of CM, had ended the quota in the postgraduate course of private medical colleges in April 2017. The voices of opposition began to rise on this decision. This decision of Yogi Sarkar was also linked to RSS's anti-reservation statements.
So far, the Opposition has been believing the RSS along with the BJP on reservations, so the decision to give reservation to the backward and the upper castes of the Yogi Government is very important.
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'Ayurvedic Egg' has came in the market, know the shocking benefits of Ayurvedic Eggs!

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Well, you have seen many eggs but today we are going to give you information about 'Ayurvedic eggs'.

Ayurvedic eggs

Actually, the cost of this egg is also different from the normal egg. A few days ago, an Ayurvedic egg was sold in the market was priced at INR 22.50. Let us tell you, this is Ayurvedic egg of ayurvedic chicken.

Ayurvedic Egg Maker:

Chinna Harshvardhan Reddy has created 'Ayurvedic egg'. He made extensive research to make this type of egg. Harshvardhan has started poultry business in the name of good luck group. According to the information, Harshvardhan researched it for 6 years before making Ayurvedic eggs.

Ayurvedic eggs can be found here:

According to reports, 'Ayurvedic eggs' are being sold in Bengaluru along with Telugu speaking states. Usually egg color is white but the egg prepared from good fortune is pinkish.

Ayurvedic chicken meal:

Fortunately cherry chickens are given various Ayurvedic meals with different nutrients. In addition to make ayurvedic eggs, garlic, turmeric in the food given to these chickens, a mixture of 40 Ayurvedic herbs is prominent.

Two types of ayurvedic eggs:

Luckily 'Ayurvedic eggs' made from poultry are of two types. First Ayur Plus and second indigenous chicken eggs. The price of one egg of the Ayur plus chickens is INR 12.50, whereas the cost of one egg of the domestic chicken is INR 22.50.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Egg:

'Ayurvedic eggs' are more beneficial than normal eggs. Its consumption is beneficial for both the elderly and the children. By eating this egg the bones are strong. With this increasing mental strength, the body's immune system increases. This egg has been found to be effective in enhancing eyesight. In this way, this egg protects children from anemia and lack of nutrients.
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Modi Government's big decision for farmers, read what is this?

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The Narendra Modi government of the Center has made a big decision for the farmers, the Union Cabinet has decided to increase urea subsidy by 2020, and the government has decided that soon the money of urea subsidy will be sent directly to the farmers' accounts.

Narendra modi

The advantage of this will be that, as farmers now get the urea at a lower price than the actual price, by the year 2020, the same will be reduced considerably by sending subsidy money directly to the farmers' accounts. This will also give the fertilizer companies money on time so that they can provide urea at the right time to the farmers. Urea subsidy is part of the Central Sector Scheme of the Department of Fertilizers and with the budgetary support, the Government completely finances it. Continuing the Urea subsidy scheme, urea manufacturers will be able to ensure timely payment of subsidy. As a result, urea will be available to the farmers on time. The urea subsidy includes imported urea subsidy, which is operating in the country to improve imports to bridge the gap between fixed demand and production in the country.
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A new twist came in the fight of Mohammad Shami and Hasin, now Shami has put serious charges on Hasin Jahan

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There is a new turn now in the ongoing dispute between Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan. In fact, Hasin has made serious allegations about match fixing, fraud and illegal relations with other women, but now there is a new turn in this story.

Mohammad  Shami Hasin Jahan

Actually now Mohammad Shami himself has come in front of the media when making serious allegations against him. During an interview Shami accused his wife Hasin where he said that his wife had the matter of his first marriage and children. He told that he began to find out about this later.

Along with this, Mohammed Shami also said in his words: - He had told them that Hasin is the daughter of his sister that is cousin. Apart from this, the same information was given to his friends and the rest of the family members. But in spite of all this, Shami continued to love his wife and he paid all her expenses.

Let me tell you that Hasin's ex husband Saifuddin, had told the media himself a few days ago that his marriage took place in 2002 and his marriage was separated from 2010.
In such a way Shami's problems are continuously increasing. The BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit has also ordered to investigate the allegations leveled against Shami because Shami's wife Hasin Jahan has also accused him of match-fixing.
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Krishna Kumari became the Pakistan's first Hindu woman senator

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Krishna kumari kolhi pakistan Senator

Krishna Kumari Kolhi became the first Hindu Dalit woman to be elected as senator in Pakistan. She is the first Hindu woman became the Senator in the Muslim dominated country.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's ruling PPP nominated her for a minority senate seat. The caste of Kolhi is mentioned in the Pakistan scheduled castes Ordinance-1957.

Krishna Kumari Kolhi is residential in a small village, in the district town of Sindh. She was born in a poor family in 1979. She and her family had to work as a bonded laborer for the landlord for three years. At the age of 16, she did not leave education, even after getting married and did a masters in psychology. She also joined PPP as a social worker. While fighting for the rights of Thar's disadvantages, Krishna Kumari Kolhi has become a known name in Pakistan today.

The credit of nominating the first non-muslim senator is also with the PPP, who in 2009 selected a Dalit Dr. Khatulam as the general seat senator. Similarly, Engineer Gyanichand was the second Dalit to be elected as senator in 2015. He also had the PPP from the descend general seat.

PPP led by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari nominated Hariram Kishorilal for the Senator in the reserved seat for non-muslims from Sindh in 2012 and was elected.

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Before dying, Sridevi had told her last wish and after knowing this your tears will come out.

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Sridevi last funeral picture

In bollywood industry wave of grief was rampant on the night of February 24, because beautiful actress Sridevi suddenly said goodbye to the world. After the death of Sridevi, her death news has spread all over the world. After the demise of Shri Devi, there are various types of things coming up about her but we are going to tell you about Sridevi's last wish.
Sridevi picture

This was the last wish of Sridevi

There are very few people who tell their last wish before their death. But Sridevi had put her last wish before the family members before her death. In fact, Sridevi liked white flowers and white colors, so she had expressed his wish before death that after her death her body would be decorated with white flowers.
Sridevi hd picture

According to the last wish of Sridevi, the family has also begun to fulfill their promise, according to the last wish of Sridevi, their residence is also being white.

Fans are still feels emotional
Emotional Amitabh Bachchan

Since after the news of Sridevi's death, her loved ones are got emotional, along with the Bollywood industry, other people of the country are paying tribute to her.
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Sree Devi's body, merged in Panchatatwa, now just we only remember 'Chandni' in memories

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Sridevi funeral pic

Bollywood's famous actress Sridevi wins mercurialism in Panchatattva. His last rites were performed in Mumbai's Vile Parle Seva Cemetery. Husband Boney Kapoor furthered the body of Sridevi. Earlier, the body of Sridevi was kept for the last glimpse of the celebration club at Lokhandwala.

Not only did the cinema and political figures reach for Sridevi's last rites, but the crowd of people came to give a farewell to his favorite actor on the streets of Mumbai. The crowd had become so much that many times the police had to charge the sticks.

Prior to the last trip, the body of Late Sree Devi was decorated like suhagan. Seeing the body of Sridevi in ​​a red saari, no one could say that he has now departed from this world. The body of Sridevi was wrapped with Indian flag, along with the State Police farewell to the honor of Sridevi, honored by Padmashri.

The truck which was placed in the truck for Sridevi's body for the last trip was decorated with white flowers. In the truck, there were close relatives of the family including husband Boney Kapoor, daughter Khushi and Jahnavi, Sanjay Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor.

Death in Dubai

On Tuesday, after 3 long long process, the death body of Sridevi was brought to Mumbai from Dubai. As the corpse reached Mumbai, the movement of people started in the house of Boney Kapoor in GreenEkers. In addition to family members, many Bollywood celebrities and politicians had reached Sridevi's house late at night.

Significantly, on Saturday, 54 year old Sridevi was died in a Dubai hotel. It was clear in Postmatum that the actress died due to immersion in the bathtub (Accidental death). Sridevi had gone to Dubai to attend his nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding. After the news of death, the wave of grief was spread across the country, whoever heard of this news did not believe it.

  • Sridevi has left behind her husband Boney Kapoor and left two daughters Khusi and Jahnavi. The eldest daughter Jahnavi is now launching her film career while moving forward the legacy of Sridevi and in July her film Dharak will be released on the big screen.
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UPTET Admit Card 2017: Learn how to download the entry letter

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UPTET Admit Card 2017: Learn how to download the entry letter

UPTET Admit Card 2017: Admit cards for Uttar Pradesh Teachers' Eligibility Test (UPTET) can be issued on October 5, 2017. Candidates can get their Admit Card Board official website It is going to be examined on October 15.

Ways to Download Admit Card
We are telling you how to download Admit Card here. First click There are two links on this page. You have to click the UPTET link. A new web page will open after clicking. On the release of the admit, UPTET Admit Card 2017 will be seen on the download link website. Click on it and then fill in the date of registration with registration number. Finally, click the Submit button. This way the admittance card will arrive. Download the card and remove its printout.

10,09,347 students registered for the examination

According to a report, about 10,09,347 students have registered for the examination. About 32,587 of these applications have been canceled and 9.6 million candidates are expected to participate in the examination.

This is the pattern of examination
There will be two papers in this examination. The paper will be for teachers of class 1 to 5 and for the teachers of two classes 6 to 8 th. Objective type questions will be asked in the examination. Significantly, the TET examination has become compulsory for educationmakers even after the adjustment is rejected by the Supreme Court.

1508410 candidates have registered for this year's primary and higher secondary level TET examinations. Application process for Uttar Pradesh Teachers' Eligibility Test ended in September itself. On October 15, the examination will be conducted at various examination centers in the state, whose information will be given on your admittance card.
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How Lalu's entire family involved in the Rail Tender scam

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How Lalu's entire family involved in the Rail Tender scam

RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav has reached the CBI office in the railway tender case. Lalu is accompanied by his daughter Misa Bharti. In addition to Lalu, his son, Tejaswi Yadav, will be present before the CBI tomorrow.

Let us know that before this, the CBI has sent summons to Lalu and his son, Tejaswi Yadav in this case. But they had expressed their inability to present due to different reasons.

Learn how the entire family of Laloo's family, who came in the wraps of CBI

In the year 2006, the Railways took the tender for two government hotels of Heritage BNR. One hotel was in Ranchi, the other in Puri.

-The hotel's tannery and work tender was given to Chanakya Hotel's private company. In which RRCTTC's MD PK Goyal is accused of keeping the rules in check. Two other accused Chanakya's MD Bhai Vinay Kochhar and Vimal Kochhar are in this case.

In exchange for this contract, two acres of land was handed over to the Delight Group from Chanakya.

The land worth Rs.33 crore was given to the Delight Group in just Rs.65 lakhs.

-Millist Sarala Gupta of the Dividite Group Who is the wife of Laloo's party RJD MP Prem Chand Gupta.

In the year 2011, the shares of this company were given to Lalu Yadav's family.

In the year-to-year, the Lalu family got the proprietary rights of the Delight Group.

On February 6, 2014, Tej Pratapap and Tejshi Yadav became its directors.

On June 26, 2014, Betty Chanda became the director. After that on August 5, 2014, daughter became the Ragini Director.

On 14 February 2017, the name of the Delight Company was changed to Lara.

Lala Yadav, his wife Rabri and son Tasvishu Yadav were first named in the Lara Prosec.

Later, Lalu withdrew his name from this group.

- Now the mall is being built on this land in Patna.

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Azam attack on Ramgopal with slayers - drink with killers

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Azam attack on Ramgopal  with slayers - drink with killers

Samajwadi Party General Secretary Azam Khan has targeted the Ram Gopal Yadav and Naresh Aggarwal in the gesture gestures at the party's 10th National Conference in Agra. Azam said that Muslims eat food with the murderer. They said that they call themselves and drink tea with them. Azam said that the Messiah is also ours and the murderer is also ours.

Modi's guest in Ramgopal's program

In fact, a program was organized at Ashoka Hotel in Delhi on the birthday of SP Gainal Ram Gopal Yadav last year. This program was kept by the Secretary General of the Legislative Council, Naresh Agrawal, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also involved. Azam's statement is being seen in this regard.

Akhilesh to stay away from Modi

Azam said that Akhilesh ji feels the wounds of the second largest population and keep the shame of my hat. In the current round, a great force is working to weaken the Muslims of this country. It is being taken off the train. People eat food and drink tea with slaughterers of Muslims. Stay away from such people. These are the people who are scared of the CBI and ED.

Do not be afraid of the CBI and ED fear

Azam said that the strength of the fascist forces can go to some extent to weaken your strong intentions. You can use this power agency and ED to join you. Not only this, you can screw up your life. He said that remembering Akhileshji would not work for drinking tea with slaughterers of Muslims at that time. These people are scared of ED and CBI. But if you have a drop of sweat and a drop of blood, millions of Muslims will sacrifice their lives on you. The Muslim will not let you suffer.

Akhilesh assures Muslims

Azam said that Akhilesh ji assured the Muslims that in any event you will not compromise fossil forces in any way. There is a need to take lessons from Lalu Yadav of Bihar that every oppression is coated, but the fossil does not bow in front of the forces. Azam said that Akhilesh ji is the heartbeat of 130 crore. He said that investigation of fear, fear and CBI can not stop all your intentions and strong steps.
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11th student earns rupees 35 thousand monthly from YouTube

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Youtuber vijay kanase
We call it a example of Digital India. A 11th standard student Vijay Kanase studying in a small village tribal Gudikhheda in Khandwa district, earns an average of 35 thousand rupees a month from Youtube. Probably he is the only one in the district to do this. Vijay, who is studying from Government Higher Secondary School, now has the goal of creating a career in this field. Vijay's father Santosh Kanase repairs the electronic goods. The elder brother runs the Sanjay Radium shop, while a brother Ajay is studying in the 12th standard.
YouTube's policy is that it sends money only to the account of the 18-year-olds. Vijay is still in the 17th year, so the money is being deposited in his brother Sanjay's account. Vijay uploads tribal culture and related videos to YouTube. He started his youtube channel in the beginning of 2013.
Vijay made an account on Gmail for the android mobile play store in 2013. Since then, it has got linked to the YouTube account. He uploaded the first video on YouTube in 2014. Slowly people joined and the hits on the video continued to grow.
More than 14 thousand subscribers, there are 14,346 subscribers on Vijay's YouTube channel. 1954354 people watched a video of tribal dance uploaded on April 10, 2017 This 2.05 minute video has been shot and edited by Vijay on his mobile in a village near Gurikhera.
So far, Vijay has uploaded 65 videos on YouTube. Total 4810998 Total hits have come. Youtube has sent a PIN from Google Adsense. Vijay had received 12 thousand rupees as the first installment. This month i.e. from 1st May to 27th, 557 dollars has been earned to the tune of 35991 rupees.
In the technological field, it is only ahead
I am from a small village but it was my passion to become a youtuber. Now I have to move forward in the technical field. My complete focus is on this. I would also like to say to smartphone users that instead of timepassing in social media use it as earning platform : Vijay Kanase .
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