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Started body building at the age of 14, now she is known as Lady Hulk

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Started body building at the age of 14, now she is known as Lady Hulk

Natalia kuznetsova

These days pictures of a girl are being shared on the internet and people calling her by name Lady Hulk. We have also brought some information about this girl. Her name is Nataliya Kuznetsova and she belongs to Russia.

When Natalia was 14 years old, she felt that she was very thin and that's why she started weightlifting. After some time, her body got a shaped which she did not even imagined.

Natalia kuznetsova image

At present, Natalia weighs 90 kg and her age is 26 years. Her intent is to look even more muscular. For this, she has also started hard work. Although some time ago she had said good bye to body building.

She started giving family time, but for more days she could not keep herself away from this game and once again she returned to the gym. She are preparing for a new competition and are also teaching new players about this.

She is also famous on Instagram and she has millions of followers. In the media, there are many reports about her. The world's largest media houses have also covered her.

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Australian cricket becomes "the laughing stock of world sport": Gilchrist

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Australian cricket becomes "the laughing stock of world sport" : Adam Gilchrist

Steven Smith and Adam Gilchrist Australia

Former Australian cricket captain Adam Gilchrist has described the incident of  ball tampering in the third Test match against South Africa in Cape Town, and said that this incident has made Australia's joke in world cricket. He also expressed suspicion with Steven Smith as the captain.

Bancroft had made a decision on the team's tampering:

In the third Test against South Africa, Australian player Cameron Bancroft tampered the ball through a yellow tape. This thing was later acknowledged by Australian captain Smith and said that it was the team's plan. Bancroft was imprisoned by the camera by the and it was later shown on the big screen in the field.

Captain Smith and Vice captain Warner removed:

After this move, Cricket Australia (CA) removed Steven Smith and David Warner as the captain and vice captain for the remaining two days of the third Test match. Now captain of team is Tim Penn in place of  Steven Smith. The Australian Prime Minister also intervened in the matter and demanded that Smith be removed from the captaincy.

What said Gilchrist

Gilchrist said that "I'm surprised by this incident. I am not saying much, but I'm very passionate about it." Gilchrist further said, "Australian cricket and its integrity are a matter of laughter at this time in world cricket. This is clearly a violation of the rules of the game and the captain and team of our national team has admitted that they Intentionally done. " Gilchrist said about Smith's captaincy, "I am not sure about the fact that he will be the captain." When you accept such a thing, it is difficult to remain in this position. It is said to move away or he himself is removed. "

Video: Do you know the effects of fairness cream? Causes of fairness creams
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IPL did the most expensive deal by purchasing these 4 players in IPL 2018

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Only a few days left in the IPL 2018. All the preparations for the event from the beginning of the IPL are almost complete. From the auction of players to the IPL's new season to the team captain and coach, the teams have completed the franchises.

Ipl 2018 players

Some big decisions of  franchises in IPL:

In this auction process, some teams franchisees have made a deal of profit by bidding all the players. At the same time, some franchises have probably made a loss deal by bidding some of their players. Although this wrong thing can prove wrong, but seeing the facts it seems that bidding on some players is not expensive to their franchisees.

Moeen Ali

Moeen Ali

The first name in this list is Moeen Ali. Moeen Ali has been bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore. Even before buying England's spinner all-rounder player, the Bangalore team had already bought four spin bowlers in the form of Yujwendra Chahal, Pawan Negi, Washington Sunder, Murugan Ashwin.
In such a situation, the question is raised about the Bangalore franchise that it was the right decision to take Moeen Ali in the team as bowling. If you talk about Moeen's batting then seeing Bangalore's batting line-up does not mean that the England player will get more chance of batting. Now it will be interesting to see how many times Virat gives chance to Moeen Ali in his playing XI.

Mitchell Santner

Mitchell Santner

Like the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chennai SuperKing also has the same problem. Chennai Superkings has also made a mistake in buying New Zealand's Mitchell Santner in their team despite having four spinners like Bangalore. The Chennai team already includes special spinners like Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Imran Tahir and Karn Sharma.
Regardless of these four big spinners, it will be great to see how a foreign spinner will replace Mitchell Santner in the playing XI. For Chennai captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, this too will prove to be a difficult puzzle.

Jason Roy

Jason Roy

Similar to Chennai and Bangalore, Delhi Daredevils also make a mistake. The only difference is that Chennai and Bangalore have made ample amount of spinners in their team, while Delhi franchisees have opted for Opener batsmen in their team.
The Delhi team had already bought openers like Gautam Gambhir, Colin Munro, Prithvi Shaw and Rishabh Pant in the auction process of the IPL 2018. Delhi captain Gautam Gambhir himself has said that if Rishab gets the chance to play in the top-3, he will be performing very well. Gambhir himself also plays at number -1,2,3.
At the same time, seeing the recent opening form of Colin Munro, every captain will give him the opportunity to open the batting. It would be interesting to see Jason Roy in such circumstances.

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle

The last name in this list is Chris Gayle. Chris Gayle has been bought by Kings XI Punjab for the final round of the auction this time. Even before Kings XI Punjab took Gail, players like Aaron Finch, Yuvraj Singh, David Miller and Lokesh Rahul were included in the team.
This time Gayle was not quitting any franchise. The reason for this was their poor form in the previous IPL. After quite a while, Kings XI Punjab's mentor Virender Sehwag and Preity Zinta had bought Gayle for his base price for two crore rupees. Sehwag had also made it clear that if Gayle plays well he will be in the team or else the other players will get the chance.
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India's top three batsmen, who won the Man of the Match for most times in T20.

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Today we will tell you about three such batsmen who have won the title of Man of the Match for most times in T20. So let's know about these top three Indian batsmen.

3. Rohit Sharma


Rohit Sharma, known as Hitman, comes third in this list. Rohit Sharma has played 74 T20 matches so far and in these 74 T20 matches, Rohit Sharma has won the Man of the Match title five times. Rohit Sharma has scored 1679 runs in 67 innings so far.

2. Yuvraj Singh


Indian team's Sixer King i.e. Yuvraj Singh comes second in this list Yuvraj Singh has played 58 T20 matches so far and in 51 innings of these 58 T-20 matches, Yuvraj Singh won the Man of the Match title seven times. Yuvraj Singh has scored 1177 runs in 51 innings so far.

1. Virat Kohli


Indian captain and explosive batsman Virat Kohli comes first in this list. Virat Kohli has played 57 T20 matches so far and in 53 innings of these 57 T20 matches, Virat Kohli has won the Man of the Match award 10 times. Virat Kohli has scored 1983 runs in 53 innings so far.

Let us tell you that the record of winning Man of the Match 11 times in international T20 cricket is in the Shahid Afridi's name, if Virat Kohli wins the title of another Man of the Match, then Shahid Afridi Can come equal.

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Kohli opens the secret - why Jadeja and Ashwin are not in the team

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Team India captain Virat Kohli told the reason behind resting Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja for the one-day series against New Zealand. Kohli said that it is important to understand the burden of work on Ashwin and Jadeja and it is also important to build a strong team keeping the form in mind.
Ashwin and Jadeja were not included in the Indian team for the series against Australia, also against Sri Lanka. Yuswendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav and Akshar Patel have been given a chance.
Kohli said, "We have given the players a chance, seeing whom we feel they have the ability to perform well at this level. We need to experiment with this, so that we can make a good team of our bowlers before going to the World Cup.
Captain Kohli said, "In this we are giving chance to young players and understanding the burden of the work of our experienced bowlers. Ashwin and Jadeja have played regularly in ODI format for us in the last six to seven years. We do not want them to be overloaded because these players need us more in Test cricket.
Recently, India has been ranked first by South Africa, in the rankings of ODI teams. Kohli said that his team is still focusing on playing good cricket and not on the rankings.
With this, Kohli has also indicated that Dinesh will start the team's innings in the form of Karthik opener.
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FIFA Under-17 Football World Cup: Indian team will make history as soon as possible

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FIFA Under-17 Football World Cup: Indian team will make history as soon as possible

The day of October 6 for Indian football will be historic, when the country will first enter the FIFA stage in any category to register its presence. Among the many expectations and aspirations of the people of the world's second largest country in terms of population, the Indian team will play in the FIFA Under 17 World Cup. The goal of the Indian team will be to make a great start of its campaign at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi with high morale and strong support from the countrymen against a strong and experienced American team. In the first FIFA tournament on India's ground, 24 countries of the world are taking part in the tournament, which will be played in six different cities of the country from 6 to 28 October. This is the first time that India is participating in any of the FIFA World Cup finals. India has got qualification directly in the tournament as a host and it is the biggest ever global tournament for him.

In the tough group, the hosts team in the3 tough Group A, with the hosts USA, Colombia and twice champion Ghana, is definitely not seen as the claimant to reach the next round. But the players of the team are full of passion and are desperate to do their best. The American team is a strong contender in this group, with most of the players playing in the Major League Soccer youth team and some are ready to play for top European clubs.

Matos rely on players

The team's chief coach, Louis Norton de Matos, has got only eight months to prepare for the preparations with the players, but he is confident he will do well with his players. Although he also believes that if the team does not lose any league match and also draws, it will also be a good result for them. Although the All India Football Federation (AIFF), as a host, has left no core to its players' preparations and has provided them with international exposure, including training tour of Europe and tournaments in Mexico.

Former players too hopefully from this tournament

Along with the federation, some former players are also very much expected from this tournament. They believe that the Indian team can again become stronger like the 1950s and 1960s. The Under-17 World Cup host will definitely open the way of organizing big tournaments, which includes the Under-20 FIFA World Cup, for which India has bid for the 2019 edition.

Players coach Die Matos want to play without any pressure that the player should compete without any pressure and lose no chance of a goal. He said about the match against the United States, "His aggression is strong and we have to be strong in defense." Meanwhile, US Chief Coach Jan Hankworth denied refusing to take India lightly, saying, "We have played against India once and were successful against them. But that was not the first match of the World Cup and they were not even hosting the World Cup. They will get substantial domestic support. " Last year, in the BRICS Champions championship, the efforts of midfielder Komal Thattal, who scored a magnificent goal against Brazil, have been doing the same thing, who believe that the team's players are fully prepared mentally and physically.

Domestic audience will get support

The inaugural match is scheduled to be full of house. In such a scenario, the support of the domestic audience will have a golden opportunity for India to make a reversal of its own in the first match. There will also be a challenge to overcome the fatigue of long journeys in America and to adapt itself to the subcontinent. If India was successful in blitzing before America's accumulation, i.e. successful in making goals in the initial minutes, then the next round of this country with more than one billion population will be almost fixed. Even if India plays draws, even the doors of hope will not break.

America has vast reserves of experience

The American team has participated in 15 of the 16 FIFA U-17 World Cup finals. The US has so far not participated in this class FIFA tournament once in 2013. In this context, he will not only be very strong in front of the hosts but he also has immense experience in the World Cup. Apart from this, 12 of the 21 American team members also play from the world's big football league clubs.

Who will create a place in the knockout stage

The top four teams in the top and the third place in the group in each group will make the place in the knockout phase. That is, India remains third in its group even if it can make it a place in the next round. Three-time champions Brazil, European champions Spain and Mexico are the strong contenders for winning the trophy, while champions Ghana, Germany, England and America are twice as likely to be surprised by their performance.

India, the fifth Asian country to host India, is the fifth Asian country after China, Japan, South Korea and United Arab Emirates, which is hosting this tournament which started in 1985.
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U-17 Football World Cup: PM Modi to join India-US match

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U-17 Football World Cup: PM Modi to join India-US match

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, football regulator, FIFA general secretary Fatma Samora and head of FIFA tournaments Jamie Yaraza will be present in the first match of the Under-17 World Cup to be played between India and the U-17 Under-17 teams on October 6.

In a statement on Thursday, a source said, "Prime Minister Modi, FIFA General Secretary and FIFA tournaments will be present in the match played on the first day of the tournament."

Indian football legend Iam Vijayan, Bichung Bhutia and current football captain Sunil Chhetri will also be present at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi on this historic occasion.

Sources said, "We have sent some Indian football players, Vijayan, Sunil and Bhutia to attend the inaugural invitation." The Indian team will play their first match against the United States at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. A total of 60,000 spectators can sit together at this stadium and it is believed that the first day the stadium will be full of spectators.

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The player who had the fastest century, did not have the money, was eaten in the Gurudwara.

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Someone has said rightly, the biggest is strong. When no person's time changes, nobody knows. The cycle of time can bring any change in one's life. King can kill the time, and the best time should be to travel from the floor to Arsh, and no one knows. This is what happened with this promising Indian cricketer 2 years ago. Yes, here is the story of Rishabh Pant, who is being seen as Team India's next wicketkeeper after Dhoni. Rishabh Pant's birthday today. Rishabh Pant was born on October 4, 1997 at Haridwar in Uttarakhand.
Such changed pant fate
No one knew Rishabh Pant till 2016. In this year's Under-19 World Cup played, the Indian player scored an impressive 267 runs at an average of 44.50. This left-handed player also made the fastest fifty of the tournament against Nepal's team. For this reason, Delhi's team in IPL bought this emerging player for 19 times more than its base price. The Delhi team made Rishabh Pant, who has a base price of 10 lakh, to spend Rs 1.9 crore and make the team's team. But earlier the story was quite different. This path was not easy for Pant, who played two Twenty20 matches from India. To reach here, Rishab spent the night in the gurudwara and ate lunch in the anchor.

Rishabh of Uttarakhand becomes Delhi's cricketer
Coach Tarak Sinha, who has taught Rishabh to coach the cricket club, has given many great cricketers to the country. He has taught dozens of cricketers including Raman Lamba, Akash Chopra, Ashish Nehra and Shikhar Dhawan. Rishabh also taught the tricks of cricket by Tarak Sinha, but the story behind it is very interesting. Tarak told nktmblog that we run a talent hunt program. From nowhere it was reported to his family, then he came here from Roorkee for him. After being selected, it had to be trained here on Saturday and Sunday.
He said, 'Rishabh came here from Roorkee on Saturdays and then to spend the night, Moti Bagh stopped in the gurudwara. After anchor on Sunday morning, he came back to our field to train again. Run for so many months. After that, we got it in the rental room and then it was from Delhi. Tarak said that as far as batting is concerned, the way to see his ball and hit him is fantastic. Keeping is his second positive aspect. He is a batsman who performs superb keeping.

Triple Century is also the name of Pant
After the Under-19 World Cup, Pant showed his bat in IPL, he scored a half-century in just 25 balls against Gujarat Lions. After this, he played an excellent innings of 308 runs against the Maharashtra at the Wankhede Stadium in Ranji Trophy in 2016-17. But Pant was still going to stop there. He made a fast-paced century against just 48 balls against Jharkhand. With this century, Rishabh Pant became the first Indian player to score the fastest century in first-class cricket.

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