China's Space Station could fall on Earth within 24 hours, this city is at risk

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China's Space Station could fall on Earth within 24 hours, this city is at risk

China tiangong 1 spacecraft

Beijing: The arbitrary space lab will become a sphere of astronomical fire when it reaches the Earth's atmosphere in the next 24 hours, which is expected to fall anywhere from Australia to the US. Chinese officials today gave information about this. China's Space Authority said today that its speed before the disruption is more than 26,000 kilometers per hour. The Chinese Space Center said in a statement that the possibility of entering the Earth's atmosphere in the uncontrolled manner of Tiangong 1 is similar to the estimates of the European Space Agency. Chinese officials had earlier said that there is no possibility of any loss due to falling of this under eight tonnes aircraft. When it is scattered at very fast speed, it will turn into a bright fire ball that looks like a meteorite.
ESA said, "It will enter the Earth's atmosphere at very fast speed and debris from the discrete laboratory can fall anywhere between New Zealand to the American Midwest. Earlier, the China Mind Space Engineering Office said on their social media account V chat, "People do not need to worry." It said, "This spacecraft will not hit Earth, as in science fiction movies is shown, but this bright matter will be transformed into almost meteoroid and in the order of coming towards the Earth, it rotates like a broken star in the entire sky and everyone can able to see it.''

Tiangong 1- "Heavenly Palace" was set up in the room in September 2011, which was a very important step towards establishing China's own one. For this situation, people are criticizing the Chinese government on social media.

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She is the world's most beautiful and bold gym trainer.

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World's most beautiful and bold gym trainer.

Hello friends welcome to the NKTM website. Friends, you have hear about a lot of models and beautiful girls but today, we are going to introduce you to such a beautiful and bold gym trainer. Nowadays, she is very much appreciated on social media. So friends let's know that who is this bold and beautiful gym trainer.

Jojo baby gym trainer

This gym trainer with a beautiful and bold look is named JoJo Baby. JoJo Baby was born in 1989 in the United States. She had a hobby to become a gym trainer since her childhood. She grew up and started going to the gym and kept her body fit. After this she became so knowledgeable that she herself became a gym trainer. One day she uploaded a beautiful picture of her bold look to social media.

Jojo baby hot gym trainer

Peoples liked her uploaded photos and so that JoJo Baby became famous overnight. Not only this, she had 7 million of followers in Instagram social media.
Due to her beautiful and attractive figure, she has penetrated the people heart. Seeing her pictures can give you an idea of ​​how beautiful and attractive figure JoJo Baby have.

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Pictures of this 22 year old bold model are getting viral
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What is Easter Sunday? Why Easter Sunday is celebrated?

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What is Easter Sunday? 

Why is Easter Sunday celebrated? What is the significance of Easter Sunday? India is a nation of festivals.

Easter sunday image

Many people in the nation who celebrate Easter Sunday, do not know the significance of thi festival. Let us tell you through this articles that why Easter is put before Sunday.

Ramnavmi 2018: Importance of Ramnavmi

According to the beliefs of Christianity, it is said that the word Easter is made up of 'Aristas'. According to Christian religious teachers, it is said that Christian churches are celebrating Easter Sunday as the most holy day. But with this, the number of days before Easter, including Good Friday coming from the fourth century, is said to be holy.

For your information, let us tell you that there are many different-different traditions in all the churches are done before the Easter Sunday. Along with this a program is also done in the night. During this, peoples revealed all their love and faith by burning countless candles at the feet of Jesus. From here the tradition of decorated candles in churches are divided into friends and relatives are come. Easter is a happy day, which is also known as Khajur Itvar.
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Started body building at the age of 14, now she is known as Lady Hulk

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Started body building at the age of 14, now she is known as Lady Hulk

Natalia kuznetsova

These days pictures of a girl are being shared on the internet and people calling her by name Lady Hulk. We have also brought some information about this girl. Her name is Nataliya Kuznetsova and she belongs to Russia.

When Natalia was 14 years old, she felt that she was very thin and that's why she started weightlifting. After some time, her body got a shaped which she did not even imagined.

Natalia kuznetsova image

At present, Natalia weighs 90 kg and her age is 26 years. Her intent is to look even more muscular. For this, she has also started hard work. Although some time ago she had said good bye to body building.

She started giving family time, but for more days she could not keep herself away from this game and once again she returned to the gym. She are preparing for a new competition and are also teaching new players about this.

She is also famous on Instagram and she has millions of followers. In the media, there are many reports about her. The world's largest media houses have also covered her.

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These pictures of Priyanka Chopra are getting viral, click to see pictures

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These pictures of Priyanka Chopra are getting viral, see her photos below

Friends, today we are going to tell you about the actress Priyanka Chopra, one of the most beautiful and best actresses of Bollywood. Priyanka Chopra has won the audience's heart by working in one of the super hot films. In today's time Priyanka's fans number is in the millions. At this point, Priyanka is due to her hard work and beauty.

Priyanka chopra photos

Priyanka started her film career in the year 2003, and today she is also working in Hollywood films. Priyanka Chopra was very much fond of her first super hit film 'Mujhse Shadi Karogi'. This film was released in 2004. After this, the number of seekers of Priyanka continued to grow.

Priyanka chopra images

Priyanka Chopra is also famous not only in India but also in Hollywood. She has worked in many films in Hollywood. Priyanka was well liked by Hrithik Roshan's 'Krrish'. Recently, Priyanka has posted some beautiful pictures on social media which is getting viral very fast.

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